A Serendipitous Gift

A Serendipitous Gift

I received a most useful gift from my brother (who currently lives in Hong Kong). When he visited England in the summer he bought for me an antique 1940s (war issue) map of the Charnwood area for me. It was kept aside as a Christmas present for me by my mother and was consequently received on Christmas Day 2016.

Christmas present: 1940 War Revision of an OS map
Charnwood Forest!

The fact that this old map shows Charnwood is entirely coincidental! I’m neither a collector of maps nor had I even had the notion to develop The Duchy of Charnwood until very recently.


The 1940s map will provide me with lots of names, places and ideas to develop the imaginary version. From this, small villages may become capital cities, innocent towns a source of menace, minor hamlets could provide the names of princes!



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