2nd (Swithland Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot

2nd (Swithland Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot

The Duchy’s own heavy-duty light infantry..

  • Colonel: Lord Henry Roecliffe (Visc.)
  • Adjutant: Maj. Frederick Tonge
  • Garrisoned: Willoughby Castle, Walton on the Wolds.
  • Nickname(s): The Saucy Swithlands, Little Green Men.
  • Motto(s):  Volunt fortuna (Wish us luck).
  • Marches: “Fare Thee Well, Swithlands”, “On Shepshed Moor Baht ‘at”.
  • Battle Honours:  Wasser-klo (1715), Melton Mowbray (1720), Liege (1741), Siege of Derby (1745), York (1751), Bratislava (1755).

Swithland Fusiliers (16)

The 2nd Regiment of Foot (Swithland Fusiliers) are a prestigious light infantry regiment of the Duchy’s army. It is considered by many that their appearance closely resembles the Rochow Fuiliers, a regiment of the Saxon army:


N.B. This regiment is currently in the process of being re-raised and re-equipped…