3rd (The Beacons) Regiment of Foot

The Duchy’s brave Beacon boys are renowned for their steadfastness…

  • Colonel: Sir Edward Shirley (Bart.)
  • Adjutant: Capt. Roderick Dishley-Mills
  • Garrisoned: Beaumanor Barracks, Woodhouse.
  • Nickname(s): The Yellow Bellies.
  • Motto(s): Satis Firmum Retineamus (Quite Firm).
  • Marches: “The Beacons”, “Men of Beacon Hill”.
  • Battle Honours:  Welsh Marches (1706), Wasser-klo (1715), Vale of Belvoir (1730), Dötlingen (1733), Low Countries (1740), Siege of Derby (1745), Lichfield (1758).