4th (Lady Eleanor’s Own Bradgate) Regiment of Foot

Lady Eleanor is used to having the very best of everything, infantry regiment’s included…

  • Colonel: Sir William Grey
  • Honorary Colonel: Lady Eleanor Gracedieu
  • Adjutant: Capt. Woodville
  • Garrisoned: Newtown Linford
  • Nickname(s):  The Bradgate Boys.
  • Motto(s):  Rubeum est Melius Mortuus  (Better Red than Dead)
  • Marches: “The Bradgate Poacher”, “A Hunting Call”.
  • Battle Honours:  Wasser-klo (1715), Melton Mowbray (1720), Freudchapelle (1737), Siege of Derby (1745), Salisbury (1751), Reutlingen (1759).

bradgate 2

N.B. This regiment is currently in the process of being re-raised and re-equipped…