5th (Prestwold Rangers) Regiment of Foot

This regiment of skilled skirmishes and marksmen confirms one local maxim: that men from the Wolds are either poachers, gamekeepers, or frequently both.

  • Colonel: The Hon. Edward Drury-Packe
  • Adjutant: Maj. Skipworth
  • Garrisoned: Prestwold Hall Barracks
  • Nickname(s):  Lone Rangers, The Huntsmen
  • Motto(s):  Conversus ludo Surripiores custodes (Poachers turned game keepers)
  • Marches: “A Hunting Call” (same as the 4th Regt), “The Melton Marksman”
  • Battle Honours:  Wasser-klo (1715), Melton Mowbray (1720), King’s Lynn (1733), Siege of Derby (1745), Carlisle (1751), Franzberg (1753).

prestwold rangers2

N.B. This regiment is currently in the process of being re-raised and re-equipped…