The League of ImagiNations

The League of ImagiNations

A Word on ImagiNations

The concept of “ImagiNations”, that is to say ‘fictional lands created for the purposes of wargaming and/or modelling’, experienced something of an explosion with the developing concept of the internet blog from the late 1990s onwards.

A major inspiration for this blog is the wonderful Grand Duchy of Stollen established in 2006. This is the Grand Old Man of such blogs, so far as I’m concerned, and it’s creator had this to say in an article on establishing ImagiNations: “My Imagi-nation ain’t what it used to be!”, 11 Ways to Keep Your Fictitious Wargaming Project Alive and Well…

A blog roll of some of the many ImagiNations that have existed is featured on this blog’s side panel. For posterity’s sake, I have created a longer list of some of the Duchies, Grand Duchies, Kingdoms, Principalities, Landgraviates, Margraviates, Freistadts,  not to mention the odd Bishopric, etc. etc. which have sprung up on the internet over recent years. If you would like to add your own to the list, please let me know!

Many of these appear now sadly to be gone and consigned to the pages of history, which suggests something about the challenges of maintaining a healthy blog. Any currently active blogs (at time of writing) however are starred thus – *. The Duchy of Charnwood proudly joins the active few…

(NB: Blogs are hyperlinked where blog is still in existence in some form or other)