Welcome to the Duchy of Charnwood, a fictional land (or so called “imagi-nation”) set in an alternate vision of mid-18th century England. In this counter-factual vision, the British Isles are a patchwork collection of disparate tiny kingdoms, dukedoms and principalities, much like much of Germany actually was at this time. The Duchy of Charnwood is one of the smaller nation states, nestled in the region of north Leicestershire between other rival states such as the hated Electorate of Belvoir and the conniving Bishopric of Cannock.

The duchy is protected from threats posed by neighbouring principalities, grand duchies and bishoprics by its small army. The Charnwoodian Army is the pride and joy of its noble (if eccentric) Duke, Francis IV.

This is not a wargaming blog (yet). The aim of this blog is to detail my painting efforts as I create the regiments in the Charnwoodian army, and possibly in the future their enemies too, using 28mm metal 7 Years War figures. I envisage it will be a slow-burn project as split my attention between these figures and my more general painting efforts at other scales in my other blog, Suburban Militarism.

Wish me luck!

The REAL Charnwood…

The real Charnwood is both the name of forest and an administrative district which lie in northern Leicestershire. Two thirds of the forest lies within the administrative boundary.

The Charnwood Forest region is distinguished by its craggy hills and extensive woodland. It is largely a rocky, wild and picturesque landscape amongst which lie scenic villages and former hosiery, mining and quarrying towns.The electoral borough of Charnwood lies in the triangle between the cities of Leicester, Derby and Nottingham.

Charnwood’s wild and rugged beauty most assuredly deserves a tough and beautifully uniformed army to protect it…

This blog will detail the development of its fictional army as figures are acquired and painted.